Biovici is continually looking at new models in the operational benefits of Point of Care: More rapid decision making, reduce operating times, reduce high-dependency, postoperative care time, reduce emergency room time, reduce number of outpatient clinic visits, reduce number of hospital beds required, ensure optimal use of professional time. To find out more information please contact us.


During the development of devices for the medical industry it has been observed that number of technology are portable to the Veterinary fields.  Point of care technology can be extremely beneficial and assist veterinarians in disease diagnosis and monitoring helping to better animal warfare. 


There are many potential uses of Point-of-Care devices which would not only be performed in primary care but are desirable to be performed by individuals upon themselves or family members. It has be noted that the public are already accustomed to pregnancy testing kits, blood pressure monitors and devices for cholesterol measurement. 

An increasing trend is being noticed as rising groups of individuals are taking a proactive and preventive approach to health care. In addition Rising costs in health care is causing a shift in healthcare practices as the responsibility of personal wellbeing is shifting from healthcare providers to the individual user. Biovici believes that by consumer demand the proactive healthcare tests will increase. These test empower end users and could augment the healthcare professionals by helping patients to make informed decisions for minor conditions. This together with Biovici  expertise in the transfer of telecom data- either after consultation with a pharmacist or self-test can establish on whether a medical appointment is required to obtain further advice and treatment. Costs savings for the use of Biovici Point-of-Care products to the health industry will be substantial.