Biovici is developing the next generation of Point-of-Care diagnostics for faster and affordable disease diagnosis and monitoring. Biovici's technology is:

Empowering - Biovici's Point-of-Care technology is designed to empower healthcare practitioners and users and enable them to effectively diagnose and monitor disease as required.

Rapid - The test can be conducted and results obtained virtually instantly as opposed to the current test which require expensive laboratories which can take days to receive results. 

Accessible - The tests will be simple and easy to use and non invasive. 

Proactive - The technology can be utilised to create and maintain a proactive approach to modern healthcare.

Connective - The technology will transmit data to an online database that can be monitored by both the user and healthcare professionals. 


Biovici's focus is to bring major benefits by providing Point-of-Care technology which converts biological data and its transfer into an electronic medical record. Biovici's result driven information can be shared instantaneously in any part of the health care chain from paramedics first at the scene in acute care to accident and emergency departments. The software interface enhances communication by decreasing turnaround time in patient diagnosis. A reduction in morbidity and mortality has been associated with these techniques when used in conjunction with point of care and electronic records.